Company Information:

We would like to introduce ourselves and highlight our company’s role in the produce and supply of quality textile and apparel products to the world market from Bangladesh. In today’s sourcing world no major player in apparel industry can’t ignore Bangladesh’s capability in offering quality and valued products. Wucho Fashion Ltd. has the capability to ensure quality services, timely deliveries, competitive price and adherence to customer’s quality standards.

In today’s world the key to success of any customer is to identify the country to source the right product at right price. This is where we will step in to cater your needs. Our company maintains a constantly high standard of business conduct. Ethics and social responsibility. We take pride in the efficiency of what we do and always employ the most effective and latest technology available. We are committed to grow and improvements of all aspects of our operation and will continue to be the leader in our industry.

About Wucho Fashion Ltd :

Wucho Fashions Ltd is a 100% export oriented Woven Garment. Wucho Fashions Ltd is a manufacturing company and established in 2012. The future of this company is really very promising since management is very cooperative to make the factory. Within short time the company has built compliance with international labor laws and environmental standard.


Our Visions is to materialize the global opportunity by apparel manufacturing products of international standard and become customer &environment friendly competitive supplier of high valued global brands to create more employment generation for our society.


Our Visions is to materialize the global opportunity by apparel manufacturing products of international standard and become customer &environment friendly competitive supplier of high valued global brands to create more employment generation for our society.

To  reach our destination we are working to set-up this project fully sound in social compliance and Environment friendly as well as supply chain security activities as per Legal &global requirements along with following the customer requirement also.   In this connection we start work to develop HRM(Human Resource Management) program for optimum utilization of manpower resource by the training & development program to meet the needs of GLOBAL Markets as one of the best export oriented Manufacturing organization in this country to maintain highest standard of business practices.


We ensure sustainable compliance by providing best working environment, clean and hygienic workplace, proper safety and security and healthy lifestyle for every employee. The project has been constructed by strictly following BNBC codes and in addition to social compliance; structural, fire and electrical compliance has been given special attention so the factory could be an ideal sourcing destination for top customers.


CSR plays a vital role throughout the entire company. Indeed only through coordinated efforts from across all department’s at all organizational levels, we are able provide the best possible facilities to our workforce. Moreover, Wucho Fashions has been extremely successful in building a healthy and cooperative relationship with its employees and communities. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the facilities which we provide:

  • Medical room with available full time doctor and nurses.
  • Day-care center staffed with certified child caregivers.
  • Dining hall and canteen wherein employees can have their lunch and snacks.
  • Safe drinking water dispensers available throughout the factory premises.
  • Timely payment of compensation and benefit.
  • Yearly picnic for all employees as part of a team building activity.
  • Female welfare officers providing consultancy and employee awareness.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Wucho fashion is committed to achieving a sustainable impact on Bangladesh’s social-economic growth by addressing the welfare of our people and communities through a number of education, healthcare and environment initiatives. Sustainability: The key to a bright tomorrow for Bangladesh. Wucho fashion is fully committed to the responsibility of driving the sustainability of stakeholders and surrounding communities and environment.

Employee Promotional Framework Training

  • ISO 14001
  • Team Leader Skill Development Program
  • Leadership & Decision Making training
  • Technical training for Line chief
  • Human rights training
  • Computer security training
  • 5S training
  • Safety training for all employees
  • Company COC and Compliance training
  • 8Skill, development training for A.S.M.O
  • Product quality improvement training
  • Skill development training from abroad

Infrastructure development

We  contribute on local infrastructure development such as  road, culvert, school etc.


  • Our Quality Assurance departments are highly quality conscious they ensure quality product to meet customer requirements.
  • To Achieve Customer Satisfaction.
  • Deliver Defect Free Product of Wucho Fashion Ltd.
  • Do It Right The First Time.
  • Continuous Improvement of The Its Quality Management

Quality Objectives

  • To Maintain All Quality Procedure in Every Stages.
  • To Maintain Company Reputation With Customers.
  • To Provide Customer Satisfaction